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Because of individuals like you:

  • The Center for Children’s Justice (C4CJ) ensures protecting children is a shared community responsibility, we all have a role to play!
  • C4CJ stands out as Pennsylvania’s independent and trusted leader for at-risk and abused children
  • C4CJ effectively convenes and learns from diverse people and change makers to find common ground and to advance effective solutions for abused children.
  • C4CJ promotes evidence-based solutions to prevent child abuse and to strengthen families.
  • C4CJ serves as a watchdog for children identifying needed improvements and urging accountability of the systems, supported with tax dollars, that directly affect a child’s safety, well-being and ability to be connected to protective adults and permanent families.
  • C4CJ can intentionally say NO to tax dollars and remain an independent voice for abused children!

Please partner with C4CJ and make a tax-deductible contribution so together we can independently give root to change and plant promises for Pennsylvania’s children!

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