Ensuring better justice for child victims

In April 2015, C4CJ outlined specific questions that warrant consideration about next steps in Pennsylvania to improve the investigation of child abuse and neglect and toward better assuring justice for child victims:

  1. Are additional statutes or formal state guidance needed to establish an expectation (across disciplines) that child abuse investigations occur collaboratively?
  2. How is Pennsylvania prepared to effectively respond to, investigate and treat abused children regardless the type of abuse?
  3. How can VOCA victim assistance and compensation funding better connect abused children to critical services?
  4. How will Pennsylvania operationalize the federally required Children's Justice Act Task Force and how will it relate to/differ from the Children's Advocacy Committee (CAC) Advisory Committee in PCCD?
  5. How will decisions about the Higher Education Monetary Penalty Endowment Act be informed by data, emphasize evidence-based practices and occur in a transparent way?

Read C4CJ's letter to Chairman Josh Shapiro
at the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency

Read PCCD's response to C4CJ

Updated 12/17/2015:

Thank you, Senators Casey and Toomey for speaking up for child victims. Read the letter from United States Senators to U.S. Attorney General urging clarification that VOCA funds can be directed toward a fuller range of services like specialized medical exams and forensic interviews to promote a child’s healing and access to justice! This is so important for all child victims, including those that experience physical and sexual violence.

Click here to read the letter from the United States Senate
to Attorney General Loretta Lynch on 11/30/2015

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